Preety Kaithwas

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The Book

Call For a Friend


‘Call for a friend’ is a story based on college days. It is a story weaved around friends who have lost contact after college.

The book has been written for the people who remember and cherish the nuisances they did during the growing up days, and it is strictly not for such persons who do not want to remember their earlier lunatic deeds just because they are grown up now. Do you still remember- those hearty laughs (without any reason) you shared with your friends? Do you still cherish those times when the topic of your nonsense talks didn’t mattered for you, what mattered was just being in the company of your friends? Do you wish to reunite with your long lost friends? If your answer is ‘No’, then my friend, this book is not written for you.

If ‘Call for a friend’ contains the fragrance of friendship, it contains an element of hatred too. If it is about the enjoyment of bunking classes for sipping tea at college canteen, then it is about misunderstanding and allegations among friends too.

Some characters of the book have been taken from the real life, and some had emerged out of the fantasy of the writer’s wild imagination. Few characters of the book are real, but the story revolving around them is purely a work of fiction. But as it is said, fiction too is somewhere inspired by reality, some incidents have been taken from the real life too, but then, at such places the events are true but the characters are fiction.


Book : Call For a Friend.......
Author : Preety Kaithwas
ISBN No : 978 1 60702 791 1
Price : 150 INR

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