Preety Kaithwas

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Reny Chaudhary

Hi Preety, I went thru the website of yours. Its really cool and I'm so proud to address u as my friend. Just few known snaps and few extracts made me remember those college days which we usually use to discuss whenever we were together. Its really very very very ...... exciting.I cannot express how happy I'm just reading few extracts and few photographs.i must confess that I'm speechless. preeti u are grea........t. I hope u always grow in ur life and may all happiness in this earth is blessed upon u. U made us all so proud and happy u will get so much of good wishes. I wish u always live a life with full of happiness and good memories. I have been always appreciating your intelligence among all my other friends, relatives, colleagues and near ones and now u have proved the same. Love you and wish you all the success for the book. Reny

Varun Kumar

Preety is my sister and I have seen the hardwork she had put to frame this book "Call For a Friend.......", This book is her award for the hardwork she had put for the past 2 years. Simply I wish her good luck for the deeds and especially for this book ...

Ruchi Yadav

just few words made me recall those days. even minute details have been taken care of. i must appreciate u still remember even the features of that mechanic who helped us break Abhijeet's sir's bike. reading ur book made me so nostalgic.

Deepanshu Yadav

Though i am not a part of " Call for a friend" still i cant stop appreciating such a creativity found rare now a days. People are busy in their day to day life and dont usually find right way to express their unforgetable moments. Your composition will set an example for them. Eagerly awaiting the next edition...


Hi, got the time to read ur book.its tooooo gud yaar chalo tumane kuch to mujhse sikha i did'nt knw that u r such a gud writer. chalo tell me now wat next. its nice that u remember each & every thing regarding ur college time. acha where is that dark black colour gul is she is ur frend


Dear Preety. I am yet to read the book, but I find extracts quite interstingly woven. Wish you good luck!


Great.... story, shayari, poems, pictures.... every ingredient mixed in the proper quantity. the book was my instant pick-up for the train journey. i generally dont like reading books, but call for a friend persuaded me to read it further even after the completion of my train journey. i wonder whether kavita, bike stealing and shillong trip really did happened or it is the story of the writer. logged on the site to find more information about the story, but am a bit disappointed that the site too contains only those matters which are in the book


Niece project.


Hi Preity!!!! :-) No one else would spell your name this way ;-) As this humble piece of nostalgia lays before me, I see in you not just a lifetime time friend but also a creative genius. Creative, because, with those stupid short snippets of time that we'd spent together which others choose to bury in the reverie of past, you instead have chisled it into a "book"; and genius beacuse like all genius's you do not know how much this mere creation of yours will make adifference in ones life! This ain't just a book, its but witnessing the sweetness of time. I pray that the contentment that you have been looking for may soon be blessed upon upon you and that very soon you may once again indulge in another creation of yours, this time a masterpiece! Best of luck...and with you always........ Remember what Shaksepeare once said - "the very sustance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream".


Preeti...Gem of a person. Book is the outcome of the hard efforts put by her. Wish you a very good luck & bright future. I'm booking my copy online.

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