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Call For a Friend

I heartily thank my parents and brother for all their support. They are my wings who had always encouraged me to take a flight towards my dreams. They had helped me achieve every little wish of mine. I cannot express my gratitude for them in words. But still, if words convey the feelings, I thank you Papa, Mummy and Bhaiya from the core of my heart for being in my life, for tolerating my every nuisance, for encouraging me to always look toward the life positively; thank you for everything.

I am thankful to so many people for their support and encouragement they offered during the writing of this book. My gratitude to my colleague Mrs. P. Muthulakshmi, whose advice, faith, motivation and practical guidance made this book happen. Thank you Lakshmi Ma’am for believing in this book from the beginning and encouraging me at every step.

My very special thanks to my childhood friend Alfreda Jennifer James without whose help ‘Call for a friend’ would have certainly been difficult to complete. Thanks Jyoti for understanding what this book is all about.

I would like, not to miss the opportunity to apologize for my deeds, if in case the nuisances I did are revealed to the persons concerned through this book:

To start with, I sincerely apologize to my seniors of the Matron House for the detergent water episode. I hope you people will forgive me for washing the clothes in your tank. But you also know, it was such a trouble to carry that big bucket of mine to the second floor; and standing at the terrace in the cool breeze, dropping the clothes in the tank, felt so comfortable. Really sorry dear Ma’ams, for doing such a thing, and a hearty thanks to you people for always leaving the tank unbolted and providing me the opportunity to wash my clothes there.

I apologize to all my seniors for considering them as ‘Draculas’ during the college days. It was only when I became senior I realized that seniors are Draculas’ with the heart of gold and you all too were like that.

I apologize to my room-mate of college days. Sorry buddy, if I ever made you feel bad, if I had ever hurt you in any way.

My apology to all my hostel-mates for making you deprive of your valuable remote. But believe me, it was not very comfortable for me too, to sit with you people in the Common-room and collectively curse the person who had stolen the remote.

I apologize to Abhijeet Sir, for all the pranks and all the mischief of ours which had always created a trouble for you. I apologize on behalf of our entire gang for damaging your bike. (But sir, just have a thought on it, if it would not had been us, then you would not had purchased a new bike so soon. At least we should be given a little credit for making you possess your new vehicle.)

When the apologies part is over, I would also like, not to miss the opportunity to thank those people who helped me weave this story.

I thank those people around whom some characters of the book are weaved. Chhaya, Kalpana, Liza, Nidhi, Abhijeet Sir, Reny, Urvashi, Akanksha, Ramsakhi-ji, Sanjeev , Ramprakash, Kena, Ruchi, Payal, Rakesh Tamang, Vishaal Bhaiya, K.B.Lal Sir, those waiters and that beggar of Shillong, I thank each one of you for becoming a part of this book. Without you people it would have definitely be a difficult task for me to spin this story. I thank each one of you from the core of my heart.

(Just a small request: whenever in future, I happen to encounter with anyone of you, please forgive the nuisances which are revealed through this book, and let’s cherish those deeds and rekindle the moments we had enjoyed earlier. Thank you so much for considering this small request of mine.)

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