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Mr. Abhijeet Banerjee

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“He can’t be the Professor of Economics!” Someone amongst us mumbled.

‘Certainly,’ I also thought, ‘this person appears to be of our age. How could he be a professor?’

“Might be, he is the same senior about whom we had heard earlier, who love to play pranks!”Chhaya whispered.

“Professor of Economics!!!! I don’t believe this! But I wish someone like him would be the professor of Economics. I swear I will never bunk Economics classes ever! “came a voice from somewhere.

The girls giggled at this, and the boys standing nearby also smiled.

We didn’t realize that our uttering was a little loud and he could hear the giggling and the murmuring voices coming from us.

He made a hem sound. "Look he is even nervous! If he was the professor, he would not have been clearing his throat before the lecture here. I’m damn sure he is our senior!" someone said.

“Ok! As now everyone present for this lecture is in the hall, can I get your attention to deliver few words. I’m Abhijeet Banerjee and I’ll be taking your Economics classes from today. Students who come from the Commerce background must be knowing what Economics is, but the Science background students might not be very familiar with the term. So I would like that someone amongst you who is familiar with this subject should explain the term Economics to the other students.”

For us the perceived image of the Professor of Economics was of an old aged person, with grey hairs or perhaps even bald headed who might be coughing in between the lectures. But to our astonishment, he was totally opposite of that. He looked as if he was one of the students amongst us. A young boy, gracefully standing, having lot of confidence as well as attitude, observing each one of us with his sparkling eyes; eyes which looked intelligent, mischievous, soft, and commanding , all at the same time.

“You!” he glared at me, “From which discipline have you completed your graduation”

I was still gawking at him in disbelief that he could be the Professor.

“Sir, me, me, in Commerce,” I squeaked.

“So I got the right person. Now tell your other class-mates what you mean by the term Economics!”

“Sir Economics is ………”

“Sir Economics is …...….”

His eyebrows rose. I did not know what to say. The unexpected attack of such a question did not leave any time for me to think.......

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