Preety Kaithwas

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Proxies and Teepography

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We were busy debating when we heard a loud bang out of the window.

“What was that?” We pulled the curtains but couldn’t see anything. Kalpana threw the light of the torch in the direction from where the voice came but we could see only the small shrubs there, gently swinging under the moonlight.

We switched off the light, pulled the curtains halfway and stood there motionless staring outside. After sometime we saw seven human shadows creeping beside the wall beneath the window.

“Thieves!” Poonam wheezed.

“Just keep quiet and come along with me.” Kalpana whispered and silently rushed towards the door.

“But where are you going?” we followed.

“We will not be able to see where those people are heading to from this window for a long time. They will soon move away from here. Let’s go to the terrace. From there we can track where they are going and can also inform about them, to the guard sitting outside.” I always trusted Kalpana’s presence of mind and in such horrendous situation there was not a single reason of not following her.

Thoughts swirled in my mind. Climbing the high terrace from outside was almost impossible but still it worried me that they could come from there. There were many thoughts: ‘What if they come inside the hostel through the terrace? What if those people are armed with ammunitions? We are locked inside the hostel, if the guard didn’t hear us, how will we get the help from outside?’

We were hastily scampering upstairs when a girl screeched from the ground floor………..


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