Are Gods too facing piracy issues!

Is it just my winding thoughts, or are the Gods really facing piracy problems! With over 33 million gods in our country, should these self-proclaimed brigades of God’s messengers promenading in every part of our nation be added to the various God’s escort list, or should they be treated as some sort of miniature god themselves. Their followers are rich, poor, educated, uneducated; all are alike when it comes to faith. Our faith prompts us to overlook our common sense, and from this way of blind-foldedly following religion, the majority of these self-proclaimed messengers business is prospering. It seems, being ‘Guru’ is a profession now-a-days.

Reading the above lines my friends must be wondering have I stopped believing in God. No dear, I still am a theist. I do worship, religiously pray every night to the supreme power, and thank god every morning for letting me see the sunshine. My kids should be held responsible for this thought provoking exercise of mine. With the summer vacations on the start, I asked my children to follow fifteen minutes yoga routine daily from a religious channel. Guess that’s why children are better known as menaces, how can they ever do what their mothers intend to make them learn in the early morning hours! So instead of engaging themselves in the physical activity sessions, they chose to imitate what actually is shown on those channels. And I was pleasantly astonished when the elder one vocalising some self-made mantras, sincerely appearing to be worshipping a chair created an aura of faith for his younger brother too, who devotedly stood there with folded hands and attentively watched the happenings. And such was the younger one’s faith that when a friend of his came to our house, he made him too bow with respect in front of that chair (we were busy giggling over that new found deity, so couldn’t make the video which could have helped us to analyse how blind faith creates a buzz).

My munchkins action made me wonder about the devotees of the self-proclaimed messengers of god. Looking at the weird actions of the self-called hermits of today’s India, I had often wondered how devotees can fall for them. Godmanship is one of the most creative and richest businesses of the country. Be it their dance, their attire, or the melodramatic sensation created in their gathering, their moves can give serious competition to the tele-serial actors. But a thing should be commended that they never force anyone to follow them. No doubt, devotees wilfully choose to follow them. Taking a little help from the unquestionable faith, folded hands, closed eyes, blank faces of the devotees, throwing some magical traps, these gurus are able to successfully create an environment of unknown fear, which in turn aids to easily write anything in the minds and hearts of devotees, which they meekly follow and then provoke their family and friends too to submit under that guru. In the country where a person is conditioned to follow the religious rituals unquestioningly by birth, it’s very simple to trap anyone in belief by arousing one’s anxiety about his/her future, past karmas and destiny.

The clown costume, make-up and some modulated voice tones works best for them.They have a well planned team behind them. Extracting our hard earned money, they lead a luxurious life, and manipulating our emotions they make us brainless. Narrating the fantastic stories about their interaction with God since their childhood, they just need to show a small list of followers in public, and then in no time, more than them, we dumb people are in hurry to make them a guru. Getting a glimpse of our Baba’s and Maa’s the devotees become overwhelmed, not realising the time and money we waste in their ‘darbar’. If we put a little pressure on our minds, doesn’t god interacts with us too in our dreams, the demised people do come there, we too do lot of weird activities in our dreams, but as any normal human being we tend to forget them, not realising that if we remember and narrate those dreams adding a pinch of spice from our side, we too have a little potential to be a dharamguru.

Recently I had a privilege to watch a Devi-maa online. Rather than burdening my heart with the heap of respect for her, I was shocked to see that colourful, make-up, jewellery clad woman dancing in red floral bridal accessories. More than a saintly ambience, she radiated either a comic or a psychotic personality. But I may be wrong, their definitely might be some aura which I couldn’t feel online. Afterall people, who were standing there folding their hands, adorning branded dresses, expensive watches, and polished faces, were looking rich and educated, and the combination of these two traits cannot be fools.

Whether the ones in jail, or the ones promenading around showing their business every ‘dharmguru’ attract a lot of devotees. And when you see videos of these baba’s and devi’s, you realise that the educated, intellectual looking devotees adhering to these messengers provoke their illiterate fellows to join their troupe.

Is this what we need to grow as a nation? Our education is useless if doubting our capabilities, we trust someone who instils fear in us for our future. Afterall they are mortals like us.We spent too much donating on these fake babas, that we do not care to find that there are lot of genuine ashrams for poor, children and disabled people which go unnoticed. Calling themselves sanyaasis and still tempted to dominate people, if they really are capable to hold superficial powers, why don’t we send them to border? Effectively utilising their super-power abilities, might be, they could create such a spell that we don’t have to lose our soldiers there. Why can’t we realise that we too are messengers of the same God; if we search within us, our heart too echoes the same preaching which we feel glad hearing from these dharmgurus. The gist of their existence is just that they know the art to cheer up the depressed; they have the power over their audience.
I won’t say that I don’t listen to them. Juggling between routine multi-tasks and trying to cope with the materialistic worldly tensions, opportunity to listen their preaching’s, their aura motivates me too to seek some spiritualism, some moral satisfaction inside me, and indeed it’s a great way to add some meaning to life just by paying attention to the words of those dignitaries. But I believe, listening to a preacher only implies we are taking counselling sessions for our way of living. And rather than dictating the sermons, a genuine and well-wishing counsellor too will always want us to carry our brains with us when we are looking at them.

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