Just a thought
I want to hop in the puddle,
I want to dance in the rain.
For this, you can call me a little insane,
But I want to whistle in the lane.

When blessings are being showered by elders,
I don’t want myself to be left behind.
Cuddles and hugs from the dear ones,
And lot of pampering, I don’t mind.

I hate to do what I don’t feel like doing,
And love to love my loved ones.
I enjoy to irritate them a little,
But wish their love for me should be in tons.

My fantasies are childish,
But my dreams are mature.
I chirp around to live my life,
And work honestly to make myself secure.

But all my chirpiness and liveliness,
Sometimes I feel is just a show.
I’m fortunate to have nice people around me,
Even then, sometimes, why do I feel so low?

Optimism and determination is always there,
When I strive to achieve my ambition.
But work is just an aspect of my life,
Lot of pranks are also in my mission.

Every moment of my life I want to cherish,
Enjoying life every moment is what I believe.
Too many dreams are there in my eyes,
All my dreams one day I hope to achieve……


34 Thoughts to “Just a thought”

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